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One question you're bound to ask yourself before tackling a significant home improvement project is "Will I get my money back when it's time to sell?" Well, I have good news on that score if your deck needs work. Not only is upgrading an existing deck relatively inexpensive, but any money spent on the improvements is money well-spent. According to Remodeling magazine's most recent "Cost vs. Value" report, a wood deck project returns an average of nearly 82 percent of the investment. And, as you might expect, a deck done the right way can make you feel like you're on vacation at your very own home.

I even have some low-cost additions and features to suggest:

Planters: It's easy to add life and color to your outdoor living area by installing planters that attach to the railing or hang from a pergola or trellis. If you'd rather go all out, try built-in versions made of the same material as your deck which you can then use as living privacy screens.

Railings: High decks require railings for safety, but the railings don't have to get in the way. While most railings match the deck, you can also choose to paint them to match or contrast with the exterior of your home. Another option is to use cable railings. These stainless steel cables, strung tautly between wood or metal posts, are thin enough so that the railing won't obstruct your view.

Overhead structures: You can block the sun with a variety of overhead structures. Options range from the more-expensive wood pergolas and trellises to knit fabric shade sails. The sails cut the glare of full sunlight, while also adding color to your outside area.

Increasing your deck's appeal and adding value to your home is easy and really helpful should you decide to sell. And, if you do, please let me know. I have lots more recommendations where these came from.

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