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Why List with me?

Just like any other service or job, you should interview at least 3 Realtors before you hire them to sell one of your biggest assets "Your Home". And I would really appreciate the opportunity to interview as your Realtor, if you are still willing to list your home with a Real Estate company. I would love to show you what great benefits we offer to our clients and customer. I have close to 8 months of experience in Real estates and I am already rocking it. I am passionate about what I do and I do it with all my heart. I sold a million dollar house on green mountain in just 20 days. Every house is unique and needs different treatment. This house was on the market before for 1 year and I was able to bring results in just 20 days. I take my job and my duties towards my clients seriously and never hesitate to go that extra mile. Communication is the key and I keep my clients informed about the progress.

First step, is our listing presentation which will explain all the benefits and I will personally take you through all the details.

Pricing the house right is the key and thats why we do price trend analysis.

Once we agree, I will take dimensions of each and every room for MLS listing.

I use Professional photography and customized videos highlighting the great features of the house.

"JUST LISTED" postcards to at least 50 neighbors to spread the word of mouth or manually walk the neighborhood to put "JUST LISTED" door hangers depending on the neighborhood.

I run campaigns on facebook, google and Instagram promoting the listing and open house dates. (check the links) I love open houses.

A day before the open house, I walk your neighborhood and invite at least 25 neighbors to the open house.

I put at least 8 directional signs for open house and I put cookies for open house, put out customized water bottles with the picture of the house, yellow balloons on the signs and customized open house fliers.

Follow up with the guests and share the feedback with you.

Communication is the key. I keep my clients informed at every stage and progress. And guess what in no time, you will hear a good news from me :) OFFER ON THE HOUSE! YAY!!!

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